Greg Shapiro

Leaving Trumpland 2.0

donderdag 14 november
20:30 uur

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A 2024 Election Survival Guide

The voice of the ‘Netherlands Second’ viral video is back! Greg Shapiro (Boom Chicago, Comedy Central, BNR, ZDF) presents a survival guide for US election 2024. If Trump loses, then we will all be leaving Trumpland. But if he wins, will Shapiro ever feel comfortable returning to the country of his birth? Shapiro keeps hearing the question: “Don’t you want Trump to be president again?” His answer is the same thing Mark Rutte said in the White House: “Haha! No.”

‘Leaving Trumpland 2.0’ is a mix of standup and storytelling, with a bit of Trump-inspired improvisation at the end. Shapiro wrote ‘Leaving Trumpland’ in 2020 – during COVID. He argues that a Trump comeback would be about as welcome as COVID 2.0. In Shapiro’s most personal moment, he shares the details of how COVID killed his step-father, due to Trump’s fantasyland followers.

‘Leaving Trumpland 2.0’ is Shapiro’s most personal show yet.

Greg Shapiro is one of the originals at Boom Chicago theater in Amsterdam. He has hosted ‘Comedy Central News’ on Comedy Central NL, and he has appeared on BNR, BNN-VARA, VPRO & ZDF in Germany. And yes, he is known as the voice of Trump in the ‘Netherlands Second’ viral video with 50 million views. As author, Greg has written books such as ‘How to Be Dutch: the Quiz’ and his latest ‘The American Netherlander: 25 Years of Expat Tales’.

‘Leaving Trumpland 2.0’ is performed in English, with some content in Dutch.


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